Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas industries contain high-risk operations, which can only be mitigated with experience and meticulous planning, which is something Guardian Electrical showcased for clients including GE Oil and Gas and The Linde Group.


With clients such as Jaguar Land Rover, Aston Martin and Pirelli, Guardian Electrical are very competent in understanding the requirements and expectations of working on automotive sites for inspection and testing programmes.

Guardian’s interactive reporting portal, TraQ-it crowned the winner of the 2022 Tomorrow’s FM awards

Selected from over 40 other applicants, TraQ-it has been crowned the winner of the 2022 Tomorrow’s FM Awards. Receiving such recognition for many years of hard work means a great deal to all members of Guardian Electrical Compliance. Managing Director, Ian Carnall has penned a few words of appreciation – “Our unique online, real-time, interactive…

Undertaking Thermographic Surveys – Who? What? Why? When?

Falling within the umbrella of our complete managed compliance service, thermographic surveys are included as a supplement to all our fixed wire testing programs – a service not usually not included by our competitors. With the assistance of a thermal imaging camera, our engineers are able to capture potential weaknesses within electrical components, also known as “hot spots” which,…