Workplace Charging Scheme for State-Funded Schools

Charge Up Your School

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State-funded schools and education institutes can take advantage of the Governments grant programme to install EV charging sockets on their premises.

EV charging installations typically range from £1,500 to £2,500, depending on the area and installation type.

State-funded schools are urged to seize the opportunity
provided by the government grant for Electric Vehicle (EV) installation. This
initiative offers a substantial discount of 75% on the purchase and
installation costs of charge points, with a cap of £2,500 per socket and a
total allowance of 40 sockets across all school sites.

Make sure your school's site capacity complies with legal standards to prevent system overload and damage. Conduct a feasibility study with Guardian Electrical Compliance to ensure safety and compliance.

Site Survey

Does your institution have a current or future need for an electric vehicle chargepoint(s)?

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