Guardian and Tata Steel have been working together on numerous electrical compliance projects since 2015. Following a successful initial meeting, we were able to make a fully informed decision regarding the most suitable route to compliance. Due to limited existing records on site, the Guardian First Stage Strategy was selected to help gain a better understanding of the electrical infrastructure on site and to ensure Tata were on the road to compliance.

Following on from completion of the first stage strategy, we continued with an annual inspection and testing programme working closely with Guardian to ensure completion of the works during site shutdowns. Extensive planning and communication guarantee that we minimise risk of any downtime which would undoubtedly have a detrimental effect on our business.

Once 100% inspection and testing over three years had been completed, we continued with an effective monitoring programme. Working closely with the team at Guardian ensures that any changes made to the electrical installation onsite are forwarded to the TraQ-it department and Tata always maintain a fully reconciled installation report. None of this would be possible without TraQ-it, Guardian’s unique interactive website. This system closes out the process of electrical inspections and provides a record of any actions taken to address the issues.

Tata utilise TraQ-it demonstrations provided by Guardian so that we can access and update all reports and drawings at any time. The ability to quickly identify and resolve issues onsite provides peace of mind and confidence in our electrical compliance status. Despite our long-standing relationship with Guardian, we still lean on them for additional training. We regularly utilise their training sessions to upskill members of our team to use the portal and assist others onsite. 

The Guardian staff are very friendly, professional and always willing to help – from Emily in the office looking after the business continuity to Dan and Nick, the Electrical inspectors that come and perform the testing programme. They all work hand in hand to make sure that the work is seamlessly completed with minimal disruption to our business. 

Guardian conduct their business to the highest standards, and I would happily recommend their services to any other organisation.

Kind Regards,

Neil Wynne
HV/LV Electrical Distribution Manager