I was impressed by the professionalism and expertise of Guardian Electrical in conducting mains 
analysis for several Greencore sites that I oversee. Guardian Electrical is a leader in electrical safety
and has been providing reliable fixed-wire testing for more than 30 Greencore sites across the UK.

When I needed to assess the spare capacity and efficiency of the electrical systems at my sites, I
contacted Matt Gilmore, one of Guardian’s Technical Contract Managers. He was very helpful and
designed a customised program of works for me. Mains analysis was not a common service that
Guardian offered, but they were willing to take on the challenge and deliver high-quality results.

Matt performed the analysis himself over a week, using advanced equipment and techniques. He
measured the power factor, harmonic distortion and balancing of phases, which are all important
factors for optimising the electrical system. He then compiled detailed reports with the data he
collected and uploaded them to my online account on TraQ-it. This made it easy for me to access all
my electrical records anytime and anywhere, especially when I had to visit multiple sites in a day.

I am very grateful to Matt and Guardian Electrical for their excellent service and support. They went
above and beyond my expectations and provided me with valuable information that will help me
improve the electrical performance and safety at my sites.

I highly recommend Guardian Electrical for any electrical testing needs, as they have proven to be trustworthy and competent in their field.

Thank you

John Hughes

Facilities Manager (DTS)