Guardian Electrical Compliance have been conducting the Fixed Wire Inspection and Testing programme onsite at Bristol Airport since 2015. Guardian have shown a considerable level of professionalism that has continued throughout our programmed work. Meetings were undertaken by their project manager before work commenced to accurately put together a cost and programme specific for our site. Our close working relationship alongside this level of planning and organisation, ensures that our testing program is efficient and causes minimal disruption to the day to day workings of the airport.

Due to the nature of our 24/7 aviation site, we require excellent communication skills with our supplier, especially when planning electrical testing and any downtime. The project manager, inspectors and office staff are all attentive and communicate effectively, with the inspectors raising issues daily whenever necessary.

Guardian Electrical Compliance always ensure that testing is altered to suit our airport environment. Adapting to changes with onsite access, they continue working to a set programme of works agreed. Inspectors actively work around building issues and any other contactors on site, while raising EDN’s, allowing immediate action to ensure we remain compliant.

If we do not maintain a safe place of work, and establish and monitor safe working practices, alongside potential fines, equipment failure can have huge financial consequence. We aim to avoid down time and as a result loss of customer confidence and loyalty. Timely response to these issues is imperative and Guardian assist with this by providing real time reporting.

A main feature of the Guardian service is their interactive website, TraQ-it. This system allows staff at Bristol Airport to access reports and network drawings for specific areas of the airport, with the ability to update any information as and when needed. We are comfortable in the knowledge that we remain compliant and have all information we require at the click of a button.

Guardian Electrical Compliance provide good service from start to finish and I would recommend this business to other airports and organisations in the aviation and aerospace sector.

Yours Sincerely,
Mark Vernon
Technical Infrastructure manager